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Consolidation & IFRS

The partner in charge of consolidation and IFRS is a recognised expert in this discipline: Sophie de Oliveira Leite. Sophie has been practising consolidation for 25 years and has written two books on the subject. She also designed the Keops Conso consolidation software and launched a reference website:

Full outsource of your consolidated accounting

  • For groups who wish to fully outsource their consolidated accounts, we can take over their periodical and fiscal consolidation and draw up their financial summary complying with French standards, IFRS or US GAAP. We provide them with all the analysis statements to understand the rationale of their financial indicators, the contribution of the companies in their scope and the impact of consolidation adjustments.

Technical support

  • When a client requires technical support in implementing their consolidation processes, we operate either in the management of their consolidation department, or in support of their teams for the production of consolidated accounts. We handle complex operations, evaluate options and clarify those selected. We write procedures and train the staff in consolidation.

IT support

  • For groups considering a change in their consolidation tool, we can help identify possible solutions based on their needs. We write the specifications, perform the tests and configure the settings, and retrieve historical data. We write the documentation and train the users.

Our clients appreciate our instructive approach: we explain every step of their consolidation process and we are always available to answer their questions.

Sophie de Oliveira Leite

Associée chez Denjean & Associés

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