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Join our partnership

If you join our partnership, you will enjoy the following benefits:

Membership of our partnership is open to all – regardless of age – who believe in our goal of remaining an independent firm and who wish to work fully autonomously.

Becoming a partner means taking a stake in the capital of Denjean & Associés, and jointly participating in the firm’s development.
Acquisition of the shares is financed directly by the dividends received each year as a partner.
You will run your department fully independently, a value close to the heart of partners.
You will be able to organise your professional life as you see fit.

Becoming a partner in our firm presupposes that you will have:

  • respect for others, in a structure free from competition or politics;
  • recognised expertise in any given business sector;
  • demonstrated business skills;
  • the wish to collectively develop our sustainable model.

The remuneration package includes:

  • a fixed component;
  • a variable component, depending on your personal achievements;
  • a company car;
  • a share of profits;
  • dividends.

The partnership process is set on signature of your contract of employment: you will be authorised by the partnership and will receive an undertaking to transfer shares that may be exercised when the revenue targets assigned to you are achieved.